MK- Beef

We are proud to offer beef directly from our farm to your table. What started as a way to fill our own freezers has blossomed into a business all of its own. MK- Beef is the same beef our family loves to grill. Cattle are born and raised on our farm right here in Oktibbeha County Mississippi. They’re pasture raised and grain finished and then processed at a USDA inspected facility.

We offer whole or half beef custom cut to your specifications as well as individual cuts and ground beef under our label. Contact us for current pricing and availability.


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Bundles are currently sold out. Examples of previous options are below.

• Beef Variety Bundle (1 available)
2 Ribeye
2 Strip
2 Flat Iron
2 Sirloin
2 Short Ribs
1 Chuck Roast
6 Ground Beef
2 Stew Meat
2 Stir Fry Beef

• Griller Bundle (2 available)
2 Ribeye
2 Filet Mignon
4 Strip
2 Sirloin

• Smoker Bundle (2 available)
1 Brisket (point or flat)
2 Short Ribs

• Slow Cooker Bundle (2 available)
2 Chuck Roasts
1 Rump Roast
2 Stew Meat

• Ground Beef Bundle (5 available)
10 lbs ground beef


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Give us a call or shoot us an email about how we can help fill your needs for your next show heifer, bred heifer, cow, or herd sire. We'd love to visit about how we can help you!


648 Polly Bell Rd., Starkville, MS 39759


Matt: 979-249-6172 | Brandi: 225-717-3324


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